Foundation Masters of Florida

 Jeff Earl & Ken Sands P.E.
Jeff Earl & Ken Sands P.E.

Foundation Masters was founded in 2003 (opened in 2004 as Foundation Masters, LLC) by President  Jeff Earl. Jeff is a structural repair expert and plays an integral role in every project that Foundation Masters,LLC takes on. The company is registered in Florida as licensed Engineering Company and provides these services statewide: foundation repair, sinkhole repair, retaining wall, seawall, structural and geo engineering, pressure grouting, drainage and waterproofing, parking lot drainage systems, and new construction.

Foundation Masters of Caribbeans

Foundation Masters is proud to have two of the most experienced Civil Engineer’s on staff (Ken Sands P.E. & Mariel Rodriguez).  Ken has experience in civil engineering, geotechnical engineering, structural engineering, consultation, assessments, construction, soil substance, and inspection on a multitude of projects for both public and private clients.

Based in central Florida and Republica Dominicana, Foundation Masters, LLC guarantees to give each project we take on the individual attention it needs.  We are a family owned business and have over 60 years combined experience as well as over 85,000 foundation inspections, sinkhole inspections, and deep foundation systems installed.

Structural Repair Experts 

Jeff Earl
Jeff Earl

Based in Florida with offices in Tampa, Bradenton and Republica Dominicana, Foundation Masters, LLC is a Engineering Company that  specializes in Design & Build, Structural Engineering, Geo Engineering, Foundation Repair, Structural Repair, Temporary Shoring Systems, Sinkhole Repair, Pressure Grouting, New Home Construction, Drainage and Waterproofing, Retaining Walls, Seawalls, and Parking Lot Drainage Systems.  We enjoy the satisfaction our costumers get from the services we provide.

We are a family owned business that specializes in Commercial Foundation & Structural  Repair.  We have over 60 years combined experience and over 85,000 Foundation Inspections, Sinkhole Inspections & Deep Foundation systems.  We give each customer the individual attention they need to properly fix their Foundation or Sinkhole Problems. Please feel FREE to call with any questions.


Jeff Earl

Jeff Earl

Founder & Senior Project Manager  

Jeff Earl has the passion and talent for what it takes to be one of the leading structural design and repair experts in the State of Florida.  He joined forces with a 24 year veteran in civil engineering (Ken Sand P.E.) in order to better serve his clients.  After spending over a decade working in structural design/repair, design & build, soil subsidence, and the hill slide industry, Jeff definitely knows the best and safest way to treat any structural issues on your residential or commercial property.


“It’s not about mastering the marketing sales-man theory.  For me, it’s mainly about connecting with the customer and providing a guaranteed repair option so that they feel happy and safe in their home again.” Jeff Earl.

Ken Sands P.E.

Ken Sands PE.

Civil Engineer

Ken Sands has the design experience and ingenuity to be a leading Civil/Structural Engineer in Florida. He joined up with Jeff Earl, a foundation and structural repair contractor with 14 years experience.  This allows him the opportunity to work on complex and unique solutions, knowing that they can be built. This gives you the peace of mind that the solution developed is the best for your situation.


“I have always felt that the safety of the homeowner comes first, but not at the expense of not connecting with them.  At the end of their project, they need to be comfortable with the entire process.” Ken Sands

Mariel Rodriguez P.E.

Mariel Rodriguez
Mariel Rodriguez

Comes to us from the Dominican Republic  with a Masters in construction Administration as well as a civil engineer  with over twelve years’ experience in construction.  Mariel’s greatest ability, aside from her drive for customer satisfaction for a job well doneis in the administration and development of projects, from the preparation of the construction ground, supervision of the placement of steel, concrete, masonry, carpentry and top quality finishes.  Mariel Rodriguez married and has lived in and out of the United States for 20 years, and currently resides in Florida.  

Mariel Alexandra Rodriguez P.E.