Foundation Repair Virginia

Commercial Foundation Repair Virginia
Commercial Foundation Repair Virginia

Foundation Masters, LLC is a licensed Engineering Company (design and build company) specializing in Foundation & Structural Repairs. We have offices all over the United States our main headquarters is located in Tampa, Florida. If you have a new construction project that has bad soil conditions or you have a Commercial Structure that is in need of Structural Repair, Foundation Masters LLC, can provide you with both Construction and Engineering under one roof.  We provide all levels of engineering and construction, Civil EngineerGeotechnical Engineer and Structural Engineering

Commercial Foundation Issues can be caused by poor soil conditions, soil related issues, poor construction, landslide and poor engineering.

The most common reasons are:

  • Weight of the structure
  • Failing piling system
  • Earth quakes
  • Hurricanes
  • Over-saturated soil

     Residential Foundation Repair Virginia
    Residential Foundation Repair Virginia
  • Soil shrinkage and soil erosion
  • Poor drainage around the structure
  • Improper gutter downspouts
  • Tree roots that dehydrate the soil
  • Plumbing leaks or mechanical failures
  • Poor construction
  • Poor engineering
  • Landslides

New Construction Piers

Foundation Masters, LLC designs and builds the best and strongest piering systems in the united states. We have piers starting at 30 ton all the way to 250 tons or higher, depending on the job requirements. Foundation Masters is the only Engineering  Structural Repair Company in the united states with those type of lifting capabilities. 

  • Office Buildings

    Commercial Foundation Repair Virginia
    Foundation Repair Virginia
  • High Rise buildings
  • Warehouses
  • Retail Shopping Centers
  • Hotels & Resorts
  • Universities & Schools
  • Hospitals & Medical Facilities
  • Multi-Family Properties



New Construction Piers


Structural Repair High Rise Buildings
Structural Repair High Rise Buildings

Pre-Construction Piers are simple and relatively inexpensive to install when Deep Foundations are required and prevent future Foundation Problems from occurring. If you need a Civil Engineer to design your Foundation or you need a Geo Engineer to do soil testing call 813-614-1718 and ask for your free site inspection.

Foundation Masters, LLC is the Leader in Commercial Foundation Repairs in Florida with years of experience. Foundation Masters, LLC will back every Foundation Repair with a lifetime transferable warranty. Please call the office to set up your free inspection by our Chief Civil Engineer.

Call today and ask why we are the Best Commercial Foundation Repair Contractor in The United States! 813-614-1718

Industrial Foundation Repair Virginia

Commercial Foundation Repair Virginia
Commercial Foundation Repair Virginia  

Commercial & Residential Foundation Repair Solutions Virginia

Foundation Masters, LLC will guaranty lifetime warranty on any structural repair project we complete. We also guaranty that we can and will fix any structural problems that you may encounter.

Foundation Masters, LLC is the #1 Foundation Repair and Engineering Company in the United States.




Foundation Masters, LLC is the master in carbon fiber structural repair. We have used carbon fiber in many different applications along with our piering systems, Floor Strengthening and Wall Stabilizing projects.