Jamaica Engineers

Jamaica Engineers
Jamaica Engineers

Foundation Masters, Jamaica Engineers, offers comprehensive Structural, Civil, Geo-technical, Marine and Mechanical Engineering Specializing in design & build construction services. Foundation Masters, LLC specializes in the following:

  • Design & Build new construction, buildings, industrial structures, equipment foundation structures, and equipment protection structures.
  • Site inspection for new and existing building construction and building restoration projects.
  • Foundation & structural repairs of existing buildings, parking garages, industrial structures, and equipment protection structures.
  • Waterproofing of existing structures and waterproofing plans for new construction.
  • Deep foundation systems and foundation repair for new and existing structures.
  • Design & Build all types of earth retention systems, retaining walls and seawalls.
  • Earth retention systems inspection and repairs, retaining wall repair, seawall repair.
  • Temporary and permanent sheet piling design and install.
  • Structural Shoring and bracing.

Foundation Masters, LLC offers our full range of professional services throughout all the Caribbean Islands and the state of Florida. Please feel free to call with any questions.

Engineers in Jamaica

Engineers in Jamaica
Engineers in Jamaica

Foundation Masters, LLC has the ability to responded to emergencies for emergency structural stabilization and the monitoring of structures and hillside stabilization. Foundation Masters response time will be efficient and effective in minimizing further damage to structures.

Emergency conditions include the following:

  • Fire Damage
  • Hillslide & Hill Creep Damage
  • Structural Damage or Building Collapse
  • High Wind or Hurricane Damage
  • Poor Construction or poor Design

Our services include:

  • Structural Stabilization and Damage Assessment Report
  • Emergency Shoring installation and Design/as built drawings and reports
  • Structural Assessment report, studies and monitoring Analysis
  • Expert Witness Testimonial and Consulting
  • For all your engineering and construction needs.

Jamaica Engineers

Jamaica Engineers
Jamaica Engineers
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